I have very few friends.  And that’s the way it’s supposed to be for me.  The six or so true relationships I enjoy are not just friends; they are kindred spirits.  We give each other the emotional and spiritual support we need to stay in balance and show up in the world with purpose and intention.

Who are kindred spirits? 

  • They are not just “besties” but extensions of our souls into another body.
  • They allow their own kindred spirits to peer into their deepest and darkest corners of their lives.
  • They live without prejudgment.
  • They are trustworthy and enjoy a similar level of trust and honesty with fellow kindred spirits.
  • They listen with their spirit and speak from their heart.
  • They value empathy as the portal into deep and transcendent love.
  • They are able to say and hear the “hard things” that might cause others to flee.
  • They communicate with kindness and love, yet with iron-clad honesty.
  • They are givers and helpers who know their own boundaries.
  • They live out their core values and beliefs.
  • They see the humor and irony in life and don’t take themselves too seriously.
  • They give others the space they need to live their own, independent lives.
  • They can be emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually very much like ourselves, yet totally different.

It takes time and experience and a special kind of wisdom to know who these Gifts of the Universe are. There is no easy path to finding them; they simply appear out of the context of our lives as unique and tailor-made friends.

I worry that some are not making the space necessary to discover their kindred spirits. I wonder if Millennials in particular are allowing the stress of life to sabotage their recognizing them. Yet they will if they live intentionally and with awareness. They will suddenly recognize something very familiar in such spirits when they meet.

I would take just one kindred spirit over thousands of “friends.”  I need just one person who “gets me” and whom I “get” over the hundreds who may think they know me but have not taken the time to ak who I really am. Kindred spirits are the highest and greatest gift we can receive aside from ourselves. Who are yours?

© Copyright Michael Parise 2018
Portions excerpted from Michael’s book: Life Interrupted, Taking Charge After Everything Has Changed
Since 1979 Michael has worked with individuals and groups to take full advantage interruptions and changes to balance responsibilities, simplify their lives, and find greater productivity and peace.
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