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I just want you to take better care of yourself. You are the most important person the Universe has placed in your life! Allow my intuition, empathy, keen analysis, and humor lift you to the heights of joy and love that you deserve! Start feeling the success as a person you truly are.

Who is Michael Parise, the Saboteur Slayer Life Coach?


Listen to an interview where we discuss how to take charge of your life after everything has changed.

Take Charge of Your Life After Everything has Changed

By Emily Harman Feat. Michael Praise


Listen to Michael and Dianne Raynor as she interviews him for her series, “The Hearts of Healthcare Professionals“.  His topic is “Personal Fulfillment.” 


A book for those who are ready to prioritize their own lives.

In a rare combination of talents, Michael is a compassionate coach with an understanding of spiritual and real-life goals. His insight into the human condition and our relationship with society’s expectations is unmatched. Michael is a life coach who can relate to people from all walks of life.

Amy Finkel


Michael has a systematic approach to problem solving and coaching that I am in awe of. He can view a situation from multiple angles all at once and I have seen wisdom in his recommendations. Michael also can listen deeply and be present totally.

Michael Hamilton

The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

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