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Find the root of your difficult emotions that work against your deepest desires. Transform your efforts into obstacle-busting actions and self-empowerment. Create your own lasting legacy.

What is 💖 Loving-On-Purpose life coaching?

You may be feeling overwhelmed by life. Yet you are already a success in who you are, a unique and wonderous creation, never to be repeated. All you need is a bit more matching of who you are with how you show up in the world. That takes vulnerability and courage.

I was a Catholic parish priest for 32 years and I’ve seen it all! As a life coach and spiritual director I can help you make the shift you’ve always wanted. Together we’ll slay those inner Saboteurs that steer you away from happiness and joyous positivity! You can move into the next phase of your life with renewed confidence, greater love for yourself and others, and a balance between play and work, which will renew your spirit.

I grew up insecure and isolated, feeling as if I were an alien on a strange planet! Making friends was difficult for me and being bullied and misunderstood was a frequent occurrence.

I thought I’d become a dentist; instead, I went to seminary to be a parish priest. In 32 years I strove to make the Church a better place for all. I often fell short. Eventually I decided to leave ministry and start anew as a life coach and spiritual director. I had a passion for one thing: to help others through tough times and to find joy in being themselves.

I moved from Boston to Tampa for the weather!! What is your burden? How have you been judging yourself as “not enough?” Let’s get together for a complimentary discovery session and begin to fulfill your dreams.

💖 Loving-On-Purpose life coaching

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Watch Michael and Dianne Raynor as she interviews him for her series, “The Hearts of Healthcare Professionals“.  His topic is “Personal Fulfillment.” 

Listen to an interview where we discuss how to take charge of your life after everything has changed.

Take Charge of Your Life After Everything has Changed

Emily Harman and Michael Parise

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Michael has a tremendous talent to help people liberate themselves from beliefs that stand in the way of achieving their greatest accomplishments. One of Michael’s greatest attribute is the care he demonstrates for those he works with. He has a long history of service in the betterment of people and the community in which he lives and works.

Dr Russ Barnes PhD, USAF Col (ret)
Strategist for Small Business

Michael brings to life coaching a unique set of skills and experiences to help the widest range of people. He is quick to identify your root issues that may be keeping you stuck in unwanted thoughts and behaviors or from making sound decisions about your life. Michael has integrated a deep spirituality with his background in human behavior. His genuine sincerity and humor will put you at ease. His gentle candor moves you to welcome change and overcome obstacles that keep you from feeling successful.

Israel Romero
Operations, International Business Planning

Michael is a breath of fresh air for people who need it! Great coach, very patient but motivational. He’s been there and can help you reach your goals. Best listener I’ve ever encountered. If I needed a personal coach.

Joe Jones
Founder, Transition Masters

After meeting him, I found Michael to be extremely intuitive, articulate, and interesting. I soon decided to retain him as my coach. Michael is a gifted person and a blessed soul who immediately understands the issue at hand. He intuitively and empathically led me to see obstacles that were buried in my subconscious. He guided me to slowly reveal and bring forth those roadblocks into the Light. He led me to a path of transformation and spiritual freedom. I feel very grateful that the Universe led me to Michael. He helped me regain my life.

Cynthia Martinez

In a rare combination of talents, Michael is a compassionate coach with an understanding of spiritual and real-life goals. His insight into the human condition and our relationship with society’s expectations is unmatched. Michael is a life coach who can relate to people from all walks of life.

Amy Finkel

Michael has a systematic approach to problem solving and coaching that I am in awe of. He can view a situation from multiple angles all at once and I have seen wisdom in his recommendations. Michael also can listen deeply and be present totally.

Michael Hamilton
The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

Michael is a very caring and dedicated counselor and coach. He has been very successful in working with a variety of people in many different situations. I recommend Michael to people and praise his work most enthusiastically.

Marc Gravallese
CI International, Inc.

Michael has vision and is able to focus on the details until the vision is reality. He is very knowledgeable in many areas which aids in his communication with people as well as in teaching.

Nancy Byrnes Higgins
Head Clerk, Town of Billerica

Michael is a very kind, patient, and intuitive coach. He really helped me get in touch with my own inner wisdom and resources, allowing me to make difficult decisions from the heart. Michael is a truly gifted coach!

Alla Weinberg
Culture Designer

I know Michael through our common association with Easton Mountain retreat center, and from various men’s groups. Based on my experience of interacting with Michael and seeing him work in a variety of environments, I’m confident that he would be an excellent life coach, with a combination of intelligence, sensitivity, wisdom and integrity.

Judah Leblang

Michael possesses a keen insight into human nature while remaining an empathetic resource to those in need. He cares deeply about people and yet is a clear and practical thinker. His combined experiences as a spiritual advisor and administrator translates into a well balanced coach who will meet the multi-faceted needs of his clients.

John Sarro
Partners Community Health, Inc.

I would love to offer you a complimentary half hour strategy session. 

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