Life.  Your life is unique and unrepeatable.

Every life needs its own foundation to support it.  What is this foundation? It is a combination of your core values, religion, relationships, careers, and more, and the way you balance all of it.

But what is under the foundation to support it? In construction many foundations need some kind of underpinning. A forest of wood, steel, or concrete is driven into the soft soil or sand down to bedrock or hard clay.Entire neighborhoods such as the Boston’s Back Bay and South End are built on pilings in marshy soil and can stand for centuries.

So what is holding up the foundation of your life?

  • What helps you stand tall when your values are being undermined?
  • What keeps you moving forward, even though your religion fails you?
  • What enables you to open the doors of vulnerability when relationships go south?
  • What refocuses your vision when your career falls apart?
  • What keeps the spark of hope alive when illness throws your life out of balance?
  • What are the unseen, transcendent powers driven deep into the bedrock of your personality that preserve the edifice of your life?

There’s only one answer: your spirituality. Stronger than a forest of steel pilings is spirituality. It is transcendent, deep, mysterious, unseen, yet felt.  It is the “fire in the belly”, the ultimate motivator, the source of beauty.  It instigates wonder and awe, our purpose for existing, a sense that we belong here and now for a reason.

Humans noticed their spirituality since they first marveled at the sun. Spirituality predates by millennia all the world religions. Without some kind of meaningful spirituality all people are liable to collapse under the weight of daily challenges and the gale-force winds of change.

Yet I’ve met a lot of people who say they have absolutely no spirituality. They don’t “believe in it.” Yet spirituality is like the sun or the stars. We don’t “believe” in them, but we do marvel in awe at their constant presence. We sense them, feel them touch our deepest core.

Likewise with spirituality. It’s a force, an energy to be reckoned with. We find it expressed everywhere: in our micro and macro universe, in living beings, in relationships, and even in the wonder of rock formations. We sense it at work upholding who we are as unique and infinitely valuable beings, not by force of our will, but by our surrendering to its unseen energy.

What will you do today to foster your spiritual core holding up the foundation of your life? What steps can you take to be a key influence for good for as long as your spirituality inhabits your body?

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