Veterans and spouses, I challenge you! Can you take a few moments to read and respond to this?  I want and need you’re your insights and input to a few important questions.

Over the past couple of years I’ve posted a lot to elicit responses from American veterans. Very few respond. Do you not recognize your unique value? Are you too busy or shy to share your thoughts? Are you afraid I won’t understand because I am not a vet?

I have been proud of your accomplishments and the sacrifices you have made throughout your life. And I do empathize with some of the struggles you’ve experienced, especially Post Traumatic Stress, which I’ve had most of my life.

My original trauma was being bullied mercilessly by a relative and by peers when I was a child. I shut down and tried to remain invisible so as not to get negative attention. It’s taken me 45 years to come out of it.

I also know something of the experience of career transition. I’ve been transitioning for the last 11 years from 37 years being in ‘service’ as a Catholic parish priest and living a new role as a life and career coach.

Now I am a Veterati mentor and a volunteer for Vets2Industry. I’ve heard from many vets who have struggled to understand their place in the civilian world.

Taxpayers invest millions of dollars per person to train and protect our military personnel. We recognize that you are not just worthy and faithful warriors. You are actually a huge and vital part of our future as a country! You’re successes and challenges are shaping the kind of country we’ll be living in for the next century.

A wise Army colonel told me that those of you attending war college learn about the concept of quiet reflection. In your moments of quiet reflection you’ve dealt with contradictions, inner wounds, and private intentions. You’ve nailed down your mission, vision, and purpose in life. You’ve hopefully been answering the question, “How do I want to make the world a better place for everyone?” 

I started this post asking to hear from veterans and their spouses.  I want you to use some time in quiet reflection. I need to know what you think about a few important questions. Please write your thoughts on this post, email me, or message me on LinkedIn. And share this post with others who might not have read it.

1. What are ways we could we do better to bring transitioning veterans into the American economy?

2. What is the added value vets offer in businesses, companies, jobs, and communities?

3. In what unique ways can vets rebuild core American values rooted in freedom, justice, and the common good, as they enter the private sector?

Thank you! If you want a private conversation with me, I welcome the opportunity to learn more from you.  Please arrange a time to talk using this link on my calendar.

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