Usually when we talk to ourselves it’s for emphasis or out of frustration. We’re not addressing the core of who we are; rather we are letting off steam. And steam just evaporates into thin air.

What if I were to tell you that there’s a person inside of you who would like to join you in conversation, really meaningful dialogue that will change your life? This person is your Wonder Child.

The Wonder Child within you is who you were always meant to be. The Child thrived before the trauma, family dysfunction, personal challenges, and neglect put the Child in his/her place. The message you likely received was that you didn’t matter; you were not quite enough; you were not worth saving from the conflict in which you grew up.

The neglected Wonder Child slowly faded as his/her feelings were not validated. The adults in your life, and perhaps your siblings and peers, were too busy with their own challenges to pay attention to yours.  No one listened; you were not a top priority.

You may have felt that no one validated your feelings, that you had to live up the standards set by the adults around you. You were to listen to them. They didn’t have to listen to you. They said you were a top priority in their lives but for many reasons, they didn’t act as if you were. After all, you were just a kid and they were grown-ups with lots of grown-up problems.

Yet your Wonder Child is still lives in your soul. He/she is at the age of innocence, lacking pretense or judgment. The Child lives in a perpetual state of freedom, wonder, awe, adventure, and discovery.

Yet your Wonder Child is aware when you push him/her aside. All they want is for your adult self to know, love and protect them. Yet you may be reluctant to ‘go there’ for fear of being reminded of the pain, victimhood, and negative memories of what happened as a child. But guess what? Your body keeps those memories alive and you’ll continue to be burdened by them until you reconcile with your Child.

Reintegrating with your Wonder Child brings about radical healing of old wounds. By reuniting with your Child, listening to his/her story, you are able to be the parent your child has always sought.

You can restore a nurturing relationship with your deepest self. With guidance and a simple series of steps you can learn to be your own best parent. You can find the validation, love, and healing that’s been missing. It takes courage to ‘go there’ yet with the right help it can be a transformative moment that brings you balance, peace, and feel like the truly successful person you know you are.

Do You Want To Know Your Wonder Child?

  • You can perform better by cooperating with your core identity.
  • You can feel less stressed, more peaceful and happy.
  • You can enjoy improved relationships as a person of integrity.
  • You will be able to handle conflict better by trusting in yourself.
  • In just six life coaching sessions, Michael Parise will guide you to be reunited with your Wonder Child.
  • You will work with Michael over the phone in the privacy of your home.
  • You will discover how to feel more successful through your relationship with your deepest self.
  • You will slay those inner saboteurs that lie to you about who you are and replace them with a new self-confidence and peace.

Cost: $469.00 for 6 sessions
Twice per month for 3 months

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