Relationships become whole as you become whole.  But the parallel isn’t automatic.  You must place your attention on seeing untold potential in another person.  I was deeply touched by a visit to Cuba few years ago.  Taken around the island by my hosts, I saw street singers and dancers, common in India when I was a child, but they have now vanished.  I saw waitresses smiling and flirting with customers in the cafes; a happy atmosphere prevailed almost everywhere, or so it seemed.  One day I asked my driver to explain what I was seeing.  “We’re too poor to buy anything,” he told me. “So we have to focus on relationships.”  lt hadn’t occurred to me how seriously consumerism undermines relationships. To consume is to be focused constantly on material goods, but also on the distraction they bring, a flood of video games, television, music, high-tech gadgets, and on and on.  (Deepak Chopra, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, page 252)

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