I LoveYour soul is the core of who you are.  By letting your soul speak to your mind, you are able to get in touch with the deepest desires of your heart. When this happens, your heart informs your head and helps you to make better decisions about where to go next.

Normally I suggest finding a spiritual director to help ask powerful questions of your spirit in order to help clarify what’s happening in your soul.  A good spiritual director is able to walk with you without judgment or prejudice.  He or she allows you to test out new inspirations, to support you in a safe and confidential way as you explore what it means to have a transcendent and transformative relationship with the Universe/God.

Some of us don’t have access to spiritual direction, even though it’s available by phone and in person.  Spiritual directors notwithstanding, we ought to make the time and space to coach our own souls, to prompt our deepest selves to communicate with our minds and hearts.  Here are my Five Steps to Coaching Your Soul.  It’s important that you go to a place where you can be quiet and meditative.  Get into a posture that is comfortable for you without falling asleep!

First: Identify where your soul lives. The soul does not take up space, but there is a spiritual center that self-identifies in each of us.  For most of us it’s the area of the heart.  Place the palm of your hand in that location and keep it there throughout this exercise.  This touch creates an energy circuit within the body’s nervous system.  When you sense the presence of your soul, you may feel a warm, tingling sensation, or a sense of relaxation and peace.  Be aware of distracting mind-chatter and begin to let go of it.  Let go also of thoughts that begin with “If only…,” I should…” or “I regret…” and other language that keeps us from being in the present.

Second: Breathe. Dismiss all thoughts without prejudice. The breath is the threshold to the soul.  Consciously breathe in slowly through your nose and out through your mouth.  Let your abdomen expand at your inhale, counting slowly to four. At the peak of your breath, hold it for a two count.  Slowly and gently exhale through your mouth for a four count.  Repeat this throughout the exercise.  If you become distracted go back to just the breathing, in and out.

Third: After a few centering breaths become conscious of your hand over your soul. Your eyes should be either closed softly or focused just in front of you.  Now it’s time for a conversation with your soul. It’s time for candor, honesty, plain speech, non-judgment, and clarity.

Fourth: Tell your soul how you feel in this moment. Be honest, direct, and don’t hold back.  Just say quietly what your intuition is telling you.  Ask your soul, “What do you want to tell me?” and then wait in silence.  Wait to hear an inner voice. The soul will always say something that is not only true, but also supportive, safe, beautiful, loving, and nourishing: “All will be well.” “You are enough.” “I love you.” “You are powerful.”  “You are strong.” “There is nothing to fear.” “I will never leave you.” “You are wonderful.”  Your intuitive heart will feel contentment.  You may feel tingling up and down your spine.

Fifth: Bathe in what your soul is saying. Bring to your soul your intentions, questions, decisions, anything on your mind and heart that needs clarification. Wait for answers from your soul now or at a later session.  When you feel complete open your eyes and focus on something around you.

In your journal bring your mind and heart into the conversation.  Ask yourself:

–  “In light of this information, what changes in attitude, behavior, or relationships do I need to make?”
–  “What would my life be like if I were conscious of this message each day?”
–   “What is the impact of this message on my life purpose?”

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