gSummer Glen.jpgAre you really living the life you want?  What is keeping you from a closer examination of where you are going?   What are you afraid of?  Are you willing to be brutally honest with yourself?  Fundamentally these are the basic questions we ought to ask ourselves from time to time.

Asking such radical questions helps us to get at what our deepest desire is in this moment.  Identifying our deepest desire and our purpose in life enables us to move forward without fear.  We can make decisions that support who we are and not merely contribute to what we are used to doing.

So what is the life you really want to lead?  Maybe some irrevocable decisions have already been made: marriage, children, comingling of funds and assets, career choices.  Perhaps you are being influenced by internal saboteurs, which want the best for you but go about getting it the wrong way.  Or maybe you are adjusting to major life change such as chronic illness, loss of a loved one, or the dissolving of your career.

Even in the midst of turmoil, and especially because you may be in the midst of turmoil, you can still decide on the life you really want.  But you need to have the courage to step out and decide for yourself….otherwise others will decide for you.

Who we are as unique individuals comes from the inside.  How others see us or how we’ve allowed ourselves to be defined by external realities may not be who we really are.  It is possible that the habits we’ve formed actually do not reflect the values we hold as paramount in the life we want to live.

A couple more questions: What is it that you fear most of all?  What question would you NOT want to be asked?  The answers to these are clues to that which may be binding your mind and soul.  What would your life look like if you were set free from these terrors and from the fear of answering that truly challenging question?  You are meant to be liberated!  Embrace freedom and hold on!

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