IMG_20150906_130303I just got off the phone with my friend and mentor James Dickson.  He gave me a simple formula for dreaming big dreams.  Get out of “Here” by focusing on “There”.  So here’s my reflection on what that means.  I hope it will help you get out of “here” in your life.  Focus your sights on “there” as a spiritual discipline.  Not easy.  I’m still working at it!

What is “Here”?

“Here” is worrying about how I look.

“Here” is going on the latest diet.

“Here” is figuring everything out.

“Here” is living in my head.

“Here” is worrying about what others think, feel, or do.

“Here” is stress, trauma, fear, or anxiety.

“Here” is seeking fame and wealth.

“Here” is scarcity mentality.

“Here” is not finding love.

“Here” is comparing myself to others.

“Here” is seeking power.

“Here” is holding on to my story.

“Here” is a lack of candor and honesty.

“Here” is prejudging.

“Here” is Us and Them.

“Here” is being less than, never enough, or too much.

“Here” is being stuck.

“Here” is past and future.

“Here” is fast paced multi-tasking.

“Here” is dis-ease and dis-integration.


What is “There”?

“There” is knowing I am beautiful.

“There” is joy in who I am.

“There” is living in and with mystery.

“There” is living from my heart.

“There” is cherishing my true self.

“There” is breathing into peace.

“There” is appreciating my small life.

“There” is abundance intention.

“There” is loving myself.

“There” is appreciating my uniqueness.

“There” is admitting powerlessness.

“There” is creating a new story.

“There” is brutal honesty with self.

“There” is radical acceptance.

“There” is We Together.

“There” is being just enough always.

“There” is transcendence.

“There” is this moment, now.

“There” is conscious living.

“There” is healing and integration

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