Fells..JPGWhen was the last time you spent a few quiet moments with nothing and no one but yourself?  What surfaced as the important desires of your heart?  Whenever I reflect like this, two major desires surface for me: relationships and making a difference.

Through our relationships on this earth and with deeper realms, we are seeking simply to be seen as we are.  We wish to be wanted and loved, to give and receive life and meaning, to touch and be touched. These desires are rooted I our human sexuality, in our capacity to relate on many different emotional and intellectual levels, both as masculine and feminine at the same time.

In our quest to make a difference in our world, we are seeking our own little slice of eternity.  We want to change lives for the better through our gifts and talents, our unique personalities, and our practical vocations and careers.  We simply wish that others would remember us, even for a brief interlude. These desires are rooted in our human capacity to touch the eternity.  We among all creatures on earth can conceptualize life not only in this moment but as also connected with the cosmos, and ultimately with the infinite spirit that goes beyond the universe.

I’ve found that observing the overlap and interrelationship between my sexuality and the infinite has been life-long.  My life is like a section of a huge, colorful jig-saw puzzle made up of many odd-shaped pieces.  Only when my section of the puzzle is connected to someone else’s section can I then begin to see a fuller picture of the meaning and value of my life.

The big picture continually changes as we change.  And our puzzle pieces shift around as well.  It all depends on who we encounter and the quality of our relating as full, sexual persons and the eternal perspective we bring along with us.

I-Am-Loved.jpgWe thus participate in the shape of eternity to come by our ever-evolving wonder and awe.  I am aware that my life-in-relationship as a masculine-feminine being changes whomever I encounter, whatever I encounter, forever.  My mere footstep on sand, my accidental dislodging of a mushroom on the forest floor, my dear one’s well-timed hug and kiss, and my manner and content of speech all shift the universe in some way.  How consciously and mindfully I express my masculine and feminine sides either adds value to everyone’s life, or brings about new challenges, sometime challenges I am responsible to correct.

We can touch eternity through our sexual selves.  It’s all about the spirit living in and through us.  It is not a merely mind game we can easily dismiss lest this precious relationship circle round and bite us on the behind…simply to remind us not to ignore our gift of eternity living within.