One of the reasons I left the security of Catholic parish ministry was that I felt as if I were “dying on the vine.” My gifts and skills were not being harvested and put to better use by the church. I often felt like a treasure chest locked away in a dark room. The key was in the lock but ignored by those in charge.

When your gifts, talents, knowledge, abilities, experience, or insights are ignored, you can feel devalued as a person. You may find it difficult to communicate your needs adequately, without sounding as if you’re whining. You aren’t looking for power or privilege, just the opportunity to be fully engaged in what you do best.

What do you do when you feel restless, confined, uninspired, unchallenged? Here are some sage questions to consider:

  • What clues did you ignore that might have indicated the long-term unsuitability of this career choice?
  • What pipedreams led you to think this career would be just right for you?
  • What is your ‘Plan B’ alternative career that might require additional formal education?
  • What are the fears keeping you from making a change to a more challenging career/job?
  • How might you find new and exciting challenges outside of work? (e.g. volunteering)
  • With whom can you discuss your dilemma, who perhaps has gone through a similar process?

When you’re dissatisfied, it will show in how you come across at work and at home. You’ll also bring your dissatisfaction, fears, and disappointments into the interview process for a new job. So it’s imperative to discover the source of your restlessness.

It may have nothing to do with your job. It could be based in a set of sabotaging beliefs about yourself or others that you have been carrying around since childhood! It may also be a sign of depression or a physical ailment. Speak with a life coach to get to the bottom of this!

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