Tampa butterflySoul Shifting: “A shakeup in life, severe or mild, that has us scratching our heads wondering what the next step is and how to take it.” My new Life & Spirit Coaching initiative (www.parisecoaching.com) is a focus on the Soul, the source of our love, identity, thoughts, feelings, decisions, and spiritual life.  When a shift takes place in our lives, it always involves our Spirit, our Soul.  We are often at a loss as to what to do next.  It’s as if we stand naked before eternity.  We face an invitation to step through a new threshold into the unknown.  And we often stop dead in our tracks.

It is at this moment of invitation that we can become paralyzed by negative self-talk, by people in our lives who project their fears onto us, or by a lack of time spent reflecting on what we really WANT in life, as well as the patience to wait for the next good thing to happen.  When a Soul Shift reaches into our core to challenge our status quo we can so easily run the other way or do what our cultures does best: avoid the feelings by numbing them with work, play, substances, or activities that keep us from the discomfort that can lead to new growth.

Here’s a short practice that you can do anywhere, at anytime:

*  Stop what you’re doing right now for a moment and close your eyes.
*  Take a deep breath through your nose and let it out slowly through your mouth.  Repeat two more times.
*  Listen to your heart.  What is your heart saying?  It could be, “I’m bored.”  “I’m afraid.” “I’m confused.”  Or your Soul might be offering a message, in insight into your life’s journey.
*  Whatever your Soul is saying, repeat it aloud.
*  Are you being invited to recognize a new truth or insight?  Is your Soul asking you to shift your perspective or take a new action? How might fear be stifling the message?
*  Bring your fear into consciousness as your Soul affirms your goodness, your perfect capability of addressing this shift.
*  Say to yourself, “All will be well for I am the most wonderful gift God has given to me” and open your eyes to a new world.