Believe it or not, everything, including your career and your home life, depend on the cosmos. That’s because everything and everyone is made up of combinations of 118 known atomic elements. Every atom is constructed of fixed numbers of protons with a positive electromagnetic charge, neutrons with no charge, and electrons with a negative charge. They all originate in the cosmos, the vast, infinite universe.

Protons and neutrons bond together in the center of the atom. This is the nucleus. The electrons orbit around the nucleus. It’s similar to how team members at work revolve around their tasks and the manager of the team, a natural analog to the activity of atomic particles.

Molecules unite from various atoms to form organic or inorganic compounds. These compounds are at the heart of all inert matter (minerals) and of all living things (plants and animals). The analog at work is how teams and departments of a company cooperate to create the synergy that increases productivity.

Amazingly, the empty space between electrons and the nucleus of atoms is proportional to the space between galaxies in the cosmos. Everything and everyone is thus mostly space, held together by the electromagnetic forces within atomic structure. The analog here is that each member of your company or business also has a life of their own and needs the space to be more than corporate automatons.

How might the concept of grace enter this metaphor? Religions ascribe grace to a supernatural entity called God. Grace is favor, esteem, regard, good will, and gratitude. It is the highest form of love and mercy freely given to humans by the divine, out of a sheer act of perfect generosity.

My first seminary theology professor, Fr. John Connelly, reminded us with his dry wit, “Gentlemen, everything is grace!” Grace is found in the giving, the receiving, the transforming, the concrete, and the tangible, and intangible, qualities of the gift. Think of how grace is shown in your company, in the selfless giving to those in need without judgement or shame.    

What if that same energy also affect our thoughts, consciousness, dreams, environment, and well-being…the very stuff of cooperation and working toward a common goal? What if the grace that enables us to function as higher beings is no different than the cosmic energy that enables us to exist, to think, and to produce?
I leave it for you to decide.  

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