We’re in the midst of a time in our history when success seems to be difficult to come by for the majority of people. For those not blessed by investing in the stock market or working for a solid business unaffected by the pandemic, feeling successful is elusive. Entrepreneurs and small business owners know what I’m talking about. So does most of the middle class who are often living beyond their means with second mortgages, student loans, astronomical health care costs.

Speaking for myself, as an entrepreneur life coach, I have a little secret to tell. Very few life coaches make enough money to support their lives without some other major income flow. Most trained coaches do not thrive for more than a couple of years before frustration sets in and they quit. One of the reasons is that it’s not enough simply to be life coach. One needs training in running a business, marketing, and constantly finding clients. Such gaps do not foster success.

So what about you? Where do you find your success and where are your gaps? It could be in your business or career. Also your education, relationships, financial investments, hobbies, community volunteering…all of these and much more are ways of identifying success.

Now the real question: looking at your successes in the past, do you FEEL successful?

I don’t know about you, but this is the saboteur that frequently undercuts my spirit, no matter how many objective successes I’ve had along the way…and I’ve had plenty!

This issue I keep coming back to is that it’s not the list of successes that’s important. Rather it’s whether or not, no matter how short or long your list, that you and I FEEL successful.

Accomplishments have a short shelf-life. That’s one reason why many people frame their diplomas and certifications and plaster them on their office walls. Great reminds…of past successes.

Despite visible reminders, we tend to go to the next challenge and forget what came before it. Our minds tend to push us into the future, as if we all have crystal balls to gaze into the next good thing.

We often do so with a lot of effort that gets frustrated by circumstances beyond our control.

What if we focused on this moment? Forget the past. Ignore the future for now. What in this moment, right now, causes you to feel successful?

What if success had little to do with accomplishments and everything to do with identity: with character, values, and being the most loving, vulnerable, integrated, faithful, honest, courageous, considerate, and unselfish beings possible…in this moment?

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