I was a Star Trek fan, but not the original series (in which case I’d be a Trekkie).  No, the series that fascinated me were Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.  I especially loved the variety of humanoids the writers would come up with.

One of these was the shape shifter. The actor, René Auberjonois,  played Odo, the resident shape shifter in Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

As a shape shifter Odo could change the atomic structure of his body to appear as anything he chose. Imagine being able to become a table or chair in a room and still hear and observe everything going on inside, and then become small enough to escape through the keyhole!

Did you know you can also shift the shape of your reality?  You might call it ‘pivoting’ (the latest jargon). You do this unconsciously all the time. Don’t you grab for the salt when you want to shift the taste of your fries? Why do your laundry except to shift the stains and dirt away from the fabric? And don’t you make a quick pivot, or shift to avoid toxic people?

We also shift, pivot, the form our lives take emotionally and spiritually. We get to change the parameters governing how we show up in the world. We either incorporate or reject the messages we got in our families and society: how to act, what to say, what careers to seek, whom to love, which personal boundaries to embrace, how to define ‘god’ or ‘higher power’, what social or religious conventions to embrace…or not. 

What if you were to shape-shifting more consciously? For example, what if you…

  • decided your body is beautiful the way it looks right now?
  • were clearer about boundaries that foster healthy, affirming relationships?
  • pursued more education for your own purposes?
  • viewed your job from the point of view of your boss?
  • challenged emotionally unsafe working conditions? 
  • focused on your own dysfunction rather than your partner’s?
  • spoke out against racism, prejudice, and intolerance?
  • communicated out of your personal strengths and experience?
  • replaced those shaming messages from childhood with powerful affirmations?

Practice shape shifting! You may be surprised that once you get started, you find it easier and infinitely fulfilling! And if you feel uncomfortable shifting/pivoting, talk about it with someone who empathizes with your desire to change for the better.

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