Why Work With Michael?


Michael Parise has spent over three decades helping people to change their lives!  Michael has helped hundreds through his deep insight and non-judgmental understanding.

You can find new balance in your life by taking action.  You don’t have to feel discouraged or overwhelmed by your responsibilities at home and work.  I’ve helped hundreds of people discover the joy and balance of matching who they are with what they do.

Michael has two monthly packages for his life coaching and stress reduction protocol.   Contact him for a COMPLIMENTARY COACHING SESSION to learn more details about how he works with clients and how I can help you, specifically.  There is no obligation for this complimentary session, simply an invitation!

John Sarro Partners Community Health, Inc
  Michael possesses a keen insight into human nature while remaining an empathetic resource to those in need. He cares deeply about people and yet is a clear and practical thinker. His combined experiences as a spiritual advisor and administrator translate into a well balanced coach who will meet the multi-faceted needs of his clients