What is a hero?  We know when we’ve met one…we usually have a warm feeling in our hearts, a kind of emotional high that we’ve touched on a significant moment in history. Heroes inspire us to achieve, to reach our potentials. Heroes can also be rescuers, such as first responders. We depend on them to do their jobs well and to limit the scope of tragedies. Yet when deliberately seek out heroes and rescuers, or worse, manufacture them by not preventing tragedies and conflicts in the first place, we’ve gone out of bounds. When we come to depend on heroes in our personal or professional lives to “make things right”, we are no longer admiring, but have become overly dependent. What if you were your own best hero? What if the heroes you admire are just examples of courage, steadfastness, skill, empathy, and care…qualities that you either have or can develop? Let’s discuss how you can move from feeling like a victim to being your own best hero and rescuer. It takes a change in attitude, an effort to move beyond your victim-stories, and a decision to effect radical change. Parisecoaching@gmail.com www.MPariseLifeCoach.com