Years ago there was a television commercial for Firestone tires with a catchy jingle: ‘Where the rubber meets the road!” The same is true of the core of our humanity.  Life happens where the ‘core meets the road.’

  • Where is your life going right now?
  • What is the gut feeling about the direction you’re taking?
  • Where do your values and integrity meet on the road of life?

Your answers to these questions will tell you how engaged your core is with the road your life is taking right now. The core of who you are defines you and gives your actions true value. It is also the antidote to ‘ego’ which can impose itself on everything you do without consulting your inner core.

You unconsciously project your core or gut through your unique personality: the tone of your words, the principles that guide you, the actions that bring productivity and success, and the way in which you communicate love and leadership.

Your core ‘meets the road’ as soon as you awaken. To continue the automobile metaphor, it is the energetic torque that gets you going, that connects your mind, heart, and body with your life’s trajectory.

Your core goes beyond superficiality and can shift your gears to their optimum level, as long as the inner saboteurs of your mind don’t get in the way (they are like water in the gas tank or sand in the oil crankcase).

Your core drives your goals and intentions. It makes them meaningful and links them to your values, those concepts and principles you’re willing to sacrifice for.  Your values also define who you are and the reason you exist on this earth.

Without being conscious of your core and allowing your core to lead you, you run the risk of being engaged in a busy, unexamined life. And an unexamined life is a life unlived.

Fortunately, your core is patient, even when it’s being ignored! It allows you to steer along highways leading to productive joy.

It also accompanies you on roads that lead to dead ends. At that point you simply acknowledge the obstacle, consult your core, turn around, and go another way. The adventure continues.  

Are you tired of grinding along in ‘first gear?’ Do you find yourself slowing down and parking along the side of life, waiting for an opportunity to enter an easy lane, with no traffic? Have you been afraid to look at how your core is meeting your daily existence at work or at home?

Resist the temptation to park yourself in neutral, for whatever seems more attractive at the curb is nothing compared to entering the challenges of life. Change gears. Accelerate your growth. Follow the signs marked “I Am Feeling Successful, Next Exit”. Listen to your spiritual engine purr, knowing that you are forging a path to making your life and the world better.

Shift Into Your Top Gear

  •  Perform better by savoring the wondrous core that drives you.
  • Discover the ways your core can both consoles and challenges.
  • Clear a new path to more productivity at home and at work.
  • Join Michael Parise in four career/life coaching sessions that shift you into the future you want for your life or career.
  • It’s all done over the phone in privacy and confidentiality.

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