What goes into authentic courage? Typically, we think that only strong people (from the word “Fortitude”), individuals with the training, knowledge, and leadership skills, are the ones on whom we can depend to be authentically courageous. We often think they need to maintain complete control over their emotions. The less vulnerable, the more courageous…or so we think.   Often none of this is true for the vast majority of the truly courageous.

Some of the most trusted people in our society whom we think should be courageous, have often gotten to their positions by sheer determination and political connection, more than having the character of a courageous leader. More frequently than we’d like to believe, they got their top positions, not because of their courage, but because of their mediocrity and willingness to be manipulated by those possessing the real power.

So what are characteristics of someone with authentic courage?

·        They see a need and believe they can fill it.
·        They have great compassion for their fellow humans.|
·        They jump in and help without thinking twice about it.|
·        They put their core values to work.
·        They are highly ethical and seek the common good.
·        They do not let prejudices and/or bigotries get in the way.
·        They don’t care what others are thinking about them.
·        They don’t whine or complain.
·        They improvise in a pinch.
·        They know their own limitations.
·        They are motivated by intuition and empathy.

Those with authentic courage are ordinary people like you and me. They may or may not hold high office or leadership positions, but they take on leadership roles when no one else is available.

In this pandemic we witness thousands who have the authentic courage: grocery clerks, food stockers, first responders, EMT’s, medical professionals, and those who clean up afterwards. But let’s not forget parents who drop everything to take care of their kids, and children, who know these times are different and who cooperate despite their fear, unhappiness, or isolation.

So, maybe it’s time to affirm the authentic courage you do have. False modesty gets us nowhere. True modesty, true humility (from humus, or soil) is knowing that each of us is but stardust, capable of great and wonderful accomplishments. We are all fertile ground for a profound healing of lives and of our planet, due to our authentic courage.

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