Don’t get me wrong. Electronics are great, only I don’t feel as if I am really relating to someone unless I can see them, hear them, sense their energy, and have a personal encounter.

Sometimes I get yet another appeal from some person smarter than I about using social media more to build my business. I see the place social media might be able to play in getting my name and reputation “out there.”  Yet, while there’s a place for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, I tend to meet my potential coaching clients in face-to-face encounters.

You might think that I attend lots of networking events in order to meet people. I tried that for over a year and discovered that my hearing handicap prevented me from communicating in loud places. Besides that, everyone seems to complete with each other for their 10 seconds of attention.  When we’re in that frame of mind we stop listening and tend to view everyone as a potential client rather than a new friend.

I meet my clients in the course of my offering value to large and small groups of people, offering sound and practical life and professional coaching tips that they can put into practice right away.  And these talks are usually short and sweet.  They focus on the needs of the organization or association that I’m addressing.

There people feel my warmth, enjoy my humor, and recognize my experience and skills. I offer an opportunity for anyone present to sign up for complimentary coaching sessions, usually on the phone, during which I tailor my remarks to their specific needs. In the coaching call I show them how I can help them get unstuck and move more powerfully into a satisfying and balanced future life.

While I hope you’ll sign up for this blog and enjoy my thoughts “on paper,” I’d love to meet you face-to-face. Short of that we can chat on the phone anytime you want some help with an issue!  Just email me and we can set up a time to chat. That’s what I enjoy the most: personal encounters with real people having real challenges! It is in that space that real miracles happen.

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Portions excerpted from Michael’s book: Life Interrupted, Taking Charge After Everything Has Changed

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