muldoon flowerI’ve been taking advantage of our pool for physical training.  I call it swimming, kind of.  I tie a long green foam noodle around my waist for buoyancy.  Then I stroke up and down the pool till I’m out of breath (usually after 150 feet) and go for another round or more.  I’m up to 16 laps!  I’ve built up gradually, as a child wears training pants until the toilet becomes his friend.  I’ve also been training in meditation with the help of Therese Tappouni’s, The Promise.   I’ve been able to return to a peaceful state, free of the mind-clutter that typically invades my spiritual space.  

Training is essential for emotional and spiritual healing and facing head-on that which compromises our lives.  We all have memories that we wish would stop tormenting us.  We try to deal with daily stress but we often simply escape from it rather than asking stress what it’s trying to say to us.  Feelings of shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, and anger can plague us and turn us into bullies.  Many suffer from degrees and intensities of post-traumatic stress which has impinged upon our relationships and peace of mind.

I have found that Somatic Intuitive Training™ has made a huge difference in my life; better than talk therapy, meditation, and eating sweets, combined!  Lance Ware who developed Somatic Intuitive Training describes it as:

Somatic:  Referring to unwanted feelings and emotions held in the body’s memory where they can be quickly identified and removed.
Intuitive:  Finding and trusting inner resources of strength such as insight, wisdom, faith, guidance, and inspiration to assist in recovery.
Training:  Learning how to replace traumatic memories with built-in, powerful states of emotional control, comfort, and performance. ©Lance Ware

In previous posts I dealt with my understanding of somatic and intuitive.  Training is the third leg on which this protocol stands.  It is the vital piece of the triad that brings change and healing because the client desires and wills it.  And once change takes place it is felt immediately.

Somatic Intuitive Training does not use hypnotherapy or talk therapy.  Rather it asks the client, using powerful intuition to train him/herself to replace habitual emotions with new ones. The client identifies the emotions associated with stress and trauma, determines their intensity and location in the body, and resolves the incidents by bringing the events and principals into consciousness.  New emotions can thus replace the old.  We are no longer slaves to reliving past stress and trauma.  They to fade into the background, as if transforming from over-stimulating Technicolor™ images to soothing grey tones.

muldoon flower 2Through this proven protocol clients receive the training that they can use the rest of their lives to reduce the effects of new stresses and traumas.  Somatic Intuitive Training can return body, mind, and spirit to a state of peaceful equilibrium.  Clients will sense results immediately and will also experience how the protocol enhances their meditation, relationships, and capacity for gratitude and inner peace.  It has for me and it will for you. 



Pictures copyrighted by Andrew Ciccarelli