No matter how much money, fame, or career success we may accumulate, security rears its ugly head as a real issue for many. Lack of health care, medication, finances, even love, loom large as threats to our well being. Yet there is no such thing as enough security…its a myth.

For many of us security seemed to be the end game that promised the “American Dream.” Yes, that is another myth! There is no such thing as being able to get something from living in any country without first deciding on priorities and working toward them. Such a dream is one that people make happen for themselves. Yes, opportunities may or may not abound, yet even the poorest among us materially can live lives of abundance. How is this possible if life is so insecure?

The myth comes in when we think that security come in from the outside. Rather, being secure grows out of core values that get lived out at every opportunity. These values focus us on what’s really important to, what we’re willing to sacrifice everything for. Core value often get way-laid when we go after the current “shiny object” that promises us a world of security: lottery tickets, games of chance, on-line professional programs that promise those “six-figure salaries” for entrepreneurs, and yes, life coaches who sell their “methods” as nearly miraculous.

True security comes only from the inner confidence that “I am enough” and that “I can make lemonade out of lemons” anytime I want. Sure, it will take courage and lots of work on our parts to stay true to the inner call we have toward integrity. How we connect the dots in our lives, how we make the parts into a cohesive whole, and how we derive personal security from who we are and not what we do makes all the difference in the world.

Are you ready to face your fears, the habits that really don’t work for you, the tendency to please others rather than yourself, and the terror of not being or having enough? Then speak with me and together lets unwind the tangled ball of string that is your life. Let’s get to work at building a secure future that is truly recession-proof!