Are you working for a jerk?  You know the type.  These kind of bosses are radically insecure but let you know constantly that they’re in charge.  They don’t share pertinent information with you.  They avoid friendly conversation.  They give you a job to do and then try to micromanage.  They spill out their personal angst, gossip about other employees, and try to make you think that their life is truly difficult.

I’ve worked for people like that.  They are frequently inept as administrators and would not survive except for the kindness of strangers who happen to be below them in the pecking order.  They get in our way of doing what we do best and then complain when we’re not working fast enough.

Men, I know you want to speak with confident voices without sounding aggressive.  You want to find words and an appropriate level of emotion to assert your point without sounding needy.  You want to emphasize how your success will translate for the company and for the boss without sounding like a victim of the system.  This is challenging stuff, but very do-able!

Coaching a man with a jerk for a boss requires a level of honesty between coach and client that moves the client into a new perspective.  This approach builds a balanced foundation for the client to view himself in a new way: as a man of dignity, intelligence and guts.  It’s never too late to find your true inner voice and discover that you don’t have to be jerked around.

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