Free stock photo of man, person, shoes, powerWhat is a “powerful life?”  What images come to mind? Adoring crowds? A huge bank account?  High position in government or industry? Or perhaps a life lived in service to others. Powerful implies influence, success, reaching to the heights and enjoying a fulfilled life-purpose.

Any of us can have a powerful life.  We just need to be ready to invite change, listen to our wise, intuitive, self, and reclaim a deep spiritual intimacy.  One other thing…to live a powerful life requires courage.

If you like the status quo, then forget about living powerfully. Anyone “living the dream” has discovered that their best friend is change. What needs to change in your life?  Oh, don’t point fingers at “those” people or situations that must change. Point it at yourself. What attitudes, habits, beliefs, prejudices, and limits need to change in you?  Sometimes seemingly insignificant changes in such things as diet, exercise, friendship, and recreation can snow-ball into a series of larger changes that bring new growth.  Try it!

Intuition also leads to a powerful life, if used properly and liberally.  Albert Einstein once said: “I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.” If intuition is good enough for Einstein, Mr. E=MC², it’s good enough for you and me.

That inner voice that speaks intimately to our individual hearts pinpoints our need to shift perspectives. A solidly built intuition will also trump our instincts, which too are connected with the fight, flee, or freeze reaction in a tense situation.  Intuition counteracts automatic responses and restores our powerful voice when otherwise we’d just clam up in self-defense.

Intuition also helps protect our personal boundaries.  Boundaries identify when we need to protect our emotional landscape from being attacked by those who are passive-aggressive, narcissistic, power-hungry, dominating, woman/male hating, or predators among us. We learn to listen to our hearts to tell us what our deepest desire is in the moment and what might be the next good step to take.

Intuition is also the portal to deep prayer, meditation and contemplation, all of which add immeasurably to a powerful life. Discernment enables us to live “on-purpose” and with purpose, and not get caught in the routine of daily life.

Discernment ratifies our core values. We recognize when they are shifting and adjust our intentions accordingly. Discernment through intuition also zeroes in on our poor judgment, unhelpful decisions, and snarky attitudes that are not in line with our own personal values.

Do you want a powerful life, free of self-doubt, fear, second-guessing? What are you willing to give up and what are you willing to embrace? Dare yourself to drop into your wise intuition and discover what your inner voice has been trying to tell you between trips to the coffee shop, gym, club, or binge television watching.  Dare you show up in the world with a purpose to change it for the better, starting with your life?

© Copyright Michael Parise 2018