Marc Gravallese CI International, Inc.
Michael is a very caring and dedicated counselor and coach. He has been very successful in working with a variety of people in many different situations. I recommend Michael to people and praise his work most enthusiastically. 
Frank X. McCarthy Diverse Workplace Inc.
Michael’s warm demeanor and keen awareness is powerfully transforming. Beautiful. 
Amy Finkel Client
In a rare combination of talents, Michael Parise is a compassionate counselor with an understanding of individuals’ spiritual and real-life goals. His insight into the human condition historically and one’s relationship with society’s expectations in the present day is unmatched. His personal pursuits in the arts has proven him to lead by example for those who are driven to a certain calling. Michael Parise is a life coach and counselor who can relate to people from all walks of life.
Nancy Byrnes Higgins Head Clerk, Town of Billerica
Michael has vision and is able to focus on the details until the vision is reality. He is very knowledgeable in many areas which aids in his communication with people as well as in teaching. 
Alla Zollers Generous Coach
Michael is a very kind, patient, and intuitive coach. He really helped me get in touch with my own inner wisdom and resources, allowing me to make difficult decisions from the heart. Michael is a truly gifted coach! 
Judah Leblang Writer
I know Michael through our common association with Easton Mountain retreat center, and from various men’s groups. Based on my experience of interacting with Michael and seeing him work in a variety of environments, I’m confident that he would be an excellent life coach, with a combination of intelligence, sensitivity, wisdom and integrity. 
Michael Hamilton The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts
  Michael has a systematic approach to problem solving and counseling that I have frequently been in awe of. He is able to view a situation from multiple angles all at once and I have seen wisdom in his recommendations. Michael also has the ability to be present in the moment and to listen deeply which are two requirements in building healthy relationships and partnerships that work. 
John Sarro Partners Community Health, Inc.
  Michael possesses a keen insight into human nature while remaining an empathetic resource to those in need. He cares deeply about people and yet is a clear and practical thinker. His combined experiences as a spiritual advisor and administrator translates into a well balanced coach who will meet the multi-faceted needs of his clients.