• Would you say you are self-aware?

  • Do you sometimes struggle with feeling whole and complete?

  • Are you coming up against an inner voice that 

    diminishes your value?

  • Do you want better relationships with yourself and others?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you can benefit from professional life coaching.

I have over 30 years experience working to move people forward in their lives.   As the Man’s Coach my specialty is men who are in any kind of relational transition: professional, personal, vocational, spiritual.  My ideal client is a man who is in tune with his life, is willing to adjust his dreams and expectations, and is ready to grow and change.

I invite you to work with me in person (in Malden, MA) or by phone.  I am offering a 20% discount for six sessions (a total of $480) to begin your new year right.  That amounts to just over a $5 per day investment in your life.

Does this opportunity resonate with you?  You are welcome to call (781-333-8796) or email me ( to find out more.  Also check out my Man’s Blog and web site for further information at .