Would you consider yourself spiritually courageous? In my opinion this means that you gather strength from the core of who you are, to act on your values, even when seemingly impossible.

Have you ever been spiritually AWOL (absent-with-out-leave)? This means that you’ve not acted when prompted by your values. out of fear of vulnerability or failure.

Do you agree that we are capable of either? So, how can we increase spiritual courage and quit being spiritually AWOL?

Over eleven years ago, after years of discernment, I decided to gather my spiritual courage and leave Catholic priesthood. I had enjoyed serving people in various parishes for 32 years. Yet it was time for me to change my life. Read more about my process in my book, Life Interrupted, Taking Charge After Everything Has Changed.

I had avoided leaving several times when I felt overwhelmed by conflict yet feared the future. It was easier for me to be spiritually AWOL. The longer I waited the more difficult this decision became, until an incident in 2009 returned me emotionally to my adolescence, when I was mercilessly bullied by peers.

I thought, “It’s time to become de-institutionalized, of being treated as an anonymous cog in a huge wheel.”

I knew my leaving meant never receiving a pension, even after 32 years. Yet I was taken aback when no one reached out to me during my year leave of absence to see how I was doing, even to ask why I was leaving. Ironically, despite my spiritual courage, it was officially announced that I was ‘absent with-out permission’, essentially AWOL, according to the institution.

Sometimes spiritual courage means making a clean break. It also means accepting what St. John of the Cross called the dark night of the soul. It took years for me to find my footing, a new life, new opportunities to use my gifts, freedom to move forward without ‘institutional correctness.’

How has this kind of thing happened to you? Only you were able to understand the reasons why you, for example, cut off a wedding engagement, sought a divorce, decided not to have children, kept your distance from your abuser, or left what appeared to be the perfect job or career.

Often spiritual courage is understood only by your closest friends. Your decision may have even lost valued relationships because they judged you as AWOL. Spiritual courage is the beginning of making a difference with our lives in a way that none of our visible accomplishments ever did.

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