We can think of change in life and work in two ways. Change can suddenly confront us, and we are forced react. Or we can adopt the perspective that change is absolute and inevitable and have an interior response: change is an opportunity rather than a burden.

Being in reaction mode with change can easily make a mess of our lives. We see this in the Covid-19 crisis as we witness a myriad of reactions in our governments and in populations. Not being ready for the changes built into a pandemic, for example, has led to unnecessary disruption throughout the world.

What if we adopted the perspective that change is constant, absolute, almost always unexpected, and guaranteed to happen every day? What if change were an opportunity to grow our spirits, our courage, and our relationships with people and our careers?

How do you change(!) your perspective?

  • What if you thought of change as a welcome friend?
  • Ignore your anxiety and ask Change what message it has for you.
  • How is change helping you review your core values?
  • In what ways do you need to adjust your goals and expectations?
  • What if change has liberated you somehow? Celebrate it!
  • Tell yourself how welcoming change has calmed your anxiety.
  • How has change shifted the way you show up in the world?

Being ready to respond to the changes that inevitably arrive, rather than reacting to change as it overwhelms you is a personal choice. You don’t have to restructure who you are. You just need to let change lead the way. 

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