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In a rare combination of talents, Michael is a compassionate coach with an understanding of spiritual and real-life goals. His insight into the human condition and our relationship with society’s expectations is unmatched. Michael is a life coach who can relate to people from all walks of life.

Amy Finkel


Michael has a systematic approach to problem solving and coaching that I am in awe of. He can view a situation from multiple angles all at once and I have seen wisdom in his recommendations. Michael also can listen deeply and be present totally.

Michael Hamilton

The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

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Coping With Covid: Five Points for Vets

Unless you’re in total denial or live in Antarctica, you’re probably wondering how your family, long term, needs to address the Covid-19 pandemic. As a good military man or woman you’re likely putting a good face.  You may even use a bit of bravado to keep...

Be In-Spired: It’s Your Choice

Every time we make a decision, we are making a choice. We take choice for granted. It’s written into our Constitution. Increasingly people all over have adopted our concept broad concept of choice. Marriages, changes in government, and selling products are...

God Is Only As Great As You Are

The ancient writers of the bible knew nothing about how we use information today. I’m not saying that they deliberately deceived us. They just didn’t have our modern understanding of history, empirical science, and objective truth. These concepts didn’t arrive until...

Where’s God? Bible or Experience?

Most people get information about God from sacred writings, like the bible. The bible though is not God’s biography. It is seventy-three (more or less, depending upon religious subgroups) very different ‘books.’ They were written down by various authors, at various...

God and Transactional Love

Growing up I identified God’s love with my parents’ love for me.  When I was ‘good’, they said nothing, assuming I simply ought to be good.  When I fell short, they got angry and shamed me in a variety of ways. I figured that’s the way God’s love also...

Six Reasons Why Friends Don’t Call

Six Reasons Why Friends Don’t Call

Have you ever wondered why some of your friends don’t reach out to you? They seem to wait for you to do the heavy lifting, often a pattern formed from the beginning of the relationship. In other cases they are busier and more distracted than we can imagine, even if we...

The Message in Distress: Six Tips

The Message in Distress: Six Tips

I don’t know anyone who wants distress in their lives. It makes us feel helpless. We look for someone or something to blame, but it doesn’t relieve the distress. Yet if we look hard, we’ll find a message in our distress. Knowing that message doesn’t necessarily...

Change Your Life With Personal Rituals

Change Your Life With Personal Rituals

Most of us hear, “ritual” and we think, “religion.” Yet ritual goes far beyond that. At their heart rituals are actions we create for ourselves that have meaning for us, that support our values, and that help shift us through personal life challenges. We take some...

Six Ways People Feel about Religion

Six Ways People Feel about Religion

I’ve met people who feel that religion and spirituality don’t have a place in their lives. They are half right. It is possible to have nothing to do with organized religions and still be spiritual. “Religion” means “to the bound to.” There are all sorts of ways of...

Six Tips to Get the Message From Change

Six Tips to Get the Message From Change

Do you look forward to and enjoy all changes in your life? I doubt it.  Too much change, too soon can be overwhelming. Too little, too late is discouraging. Yet in every change there is a message. Change can bring joy and it can usher in distress. And sometimes...