informal_homeMany of us are caught in the web of stories we tell ourselves and others about us.  They are stories often rooted in the past, often germinating in a seminal experience of disappointment, betrayal, or even abuse.  Our imperfect parents and siblings fueled the stories we tell by the reinforcement of the style of relating to us they became used to.  We’ve told sympathetic listeners our stories to bask in their empathy, wishing, hoping that someone would come along and rescue us once and for all.   Yet no one does.  No one can…only we can reexamine the stories and look closely at the perspectives we are holding for ourselves that ultimately enslave us.  Psychological therapy sometime helps, but frequently allows us to continue the stories, only now more keenly understanding where they arose and who played a part in their formation.  A Co-Active life coach can help us change perspectives, turn the corner and begin to view our lives, not as victims, but as the wonderful potentialities we really are.
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