informal_homeIn case you haven’t noticed, there’s a LOT of useless chatter surrounding us.  That’s why I love my DVR.  I can eliminate media chatter on my TV whenever I need to.  How often do I have to hear about e/d, catheters, cancer, diabetes and incontinence and their various cures?  And do the myriad side-effects of designer drugs really give me confidence in their ultimate effectiveness? 

I suppose this chatter serves someone’s needs, just not mine.   I want a measure of control in what is thrown at me through the TV.  That includes the endless, emotional, repetitious, and often inaccurate reporting of local and national tragedies (I won’t begin to cite the frequently bad syntax and grammar).  Simply filling media space in order to stay on the air with the “latest” development that had been reported the day before seems like a waste.  Thank you fast-forward!

In the end the media are simply imitating the workings of an overactive mind.  And there are plenty of us out there with constant mind-chatter.  Some of us are wired as Highly Sensitive.  Others of us have fertile imaginings and creative musings that actually become products (flameless scented candles, anyone?).

My own mind can be like that uncontrolled news media that haunts our TV’s and tablets.  My own chatter, complete with streaming videos of past events and present fantasies unfortunately ends up making space my inner saboteurs to take up residence and do their dirty work.  They slither into my thoughts and turn a perfectly fine day into an emotional war zone.

Most recently I’ve experienced a downturn in coaching clients, something an “entrepreneur” is not supposed to admit (according to the on-line chatter I read), but I’m just being candid!  It bothers me not knowing the best ways to cut through the internet chatter in order to present my talents as a life coach.  I often end up discouraged and pushed into the realm of fear of being able to support myself.

And so I take inspiration from my DVR.  I fast forward through the mind chatter to get to the really good stuff in my day!  I focus on life after the commercial; zero in on my passion to help people and my belief that I will attract the right clients at the right time.

What does your mind chatter do to you?  Share with me the struggle to fast forward through some of your thoughts that may hold saboteurs rather than hope.  What is the mechanism you use (apart from numbing out on external stimuli) that helps you to get through your busy mind in order to pursue your dreams?

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