Touch1.jpgA lot of what passes for spirituality is actually religion.  Religion by definition is that which connects us to something or someone beyond us.  Religion consists of ritual acts and community involvement whereby an individual immerses himself in an objective reality defined by the religion has having value (prayer, liturgy, bible study, and charitable works).

The goal of all religions is supposed to be connection with the Higher Power and with the mission or goals of the community, however it defines them.  This lofty goal is often thwarted by human error: money, authority, hidden agendas, ideologies, coercion, judgment, fear, corruption.  For a lot men religion has a bad name, but they tolerate it, often because their wife and children ask them to supporting the positive values found in most religious organizations.

Religion is supposed to support spirituality.  Through the external connections and actions of religion, each person’s journey with the Higher Power is meant to grow deeper and wider.  This is often not the case.  Instead, throughout history we find that one of the greatest obstacles to healthy spirituality has been religion (for example, witch hunts, persecutions of minorities, ethnic cleansing, jihads, wars, etc.).

So what is spirituality?  And is there a distinctly male way of entering into spirituality that genuinely adds to one’s life.   Coaching, though not the same as spiritual counsel, ought to address the needs of the client.  Clients ought to feel free to bring up the role of spirituality in their lives without fearing judgment or having to endure another catechism lesson.  More about this later.
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