fSpring.jpgDiscovering one’s life purpose sometimes involves a lot of playing around.  One of the wonderful qualities my parents had was that they encouraged a wide range of playing for their children.  When I said I wanted to be a doctor at age 6, they gave me a “play the doctor” kit for my birthday, complete with a really cool fake syringe and stethoscope.  When I said I wanted to learn to shoot hoops, they gave me a basketball for Christmas.  As they saw my science/math interest peak, they bought be a really cool electronic kit to put together, complete with circuits, rheostats and light sensor.  Oddly enough I never played “church” and I ended up becoming a priest!

As adults we shouldn’t give up on play.  I’m not just speaking about sports or recreational activities, but dabbling in new areas, stretching our potential.   Taking up hobbies or volunteering in completely new areas, however temporarily, can inform and expand our vision for our lives.  Serendipity can play lead to new ventures and a clarification of our life purpose.

The same is true about our personal/intimate lives.  Experimenting with feelings, relationships, dating, friendships, and sex as part of the larger playground of life can reveal new insights into our self-understanding.  They can uncover what we’re really passionate about and also new ways in which our internal saboteurs are operating.

So what do you want to be when you grow up?  Try it on for size!

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