Man Emerging 2Is your Spirit out of shape?  There are at least ten major symptoms that indicate a need for us to work on our inner spirits in a focused way.  Most of us need a fitness program for our spirits, just as we do for our bodies, our nutrition, and our relationships.  Here are 10 Symptoms:

1. You’re not convinced that your inner life is that important.
2. You keep postponing taking positive action to get into shape.
3. You carry long-term anger or resentment.
4. You equate spirituality with organized religions.
5. You feel like a victim of past experiences.
6. You numb out with food, drink, sex, and/or media.
7. You have no physical exercise program.
8. Your relationships are not satisfying.
9. You judge yourself and expect perfection.
10. You have an endless analysis loop in your head.
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