Well, which are you, Hero or Genius? You’ll likely say,”Neither.” I beg to differ; chances are you are both.

Whenever possible I look for broader definitions of words such as hero or genius. That said, I found in the dictionary (Miriam Webster) that a hero is “a person admired for achievements and noble qualities.” A genius or “having genius” refers to “a single strongly marked capacity or aptitude.”

I meet heroes and geniuses every day. Only they don’t realize that’s who they are. And none of them are obvious heroes or geniuses such first responders, military, or Nobel laureates.

Who are these heroic geniuses? They are usually behind the scenes, supporting the publicly acclaimed and honored heroes and geniuses whose accomplishments or vocations automatically draw attention. None of the latter would have achieved their successes without the parent, spouse, child, service and administrative staffs, and others who, along with their own heroic genius, stood by them in love and support. Without them I doubt there would be as many monuments, acclamations, and honorary degrees.

These unsung heroes and geniuses go about their daily tasks with great skill, efficiency, knowledge, experience, and care. They ask for nothing but a decent paycheck yet go the extra mile in achieving excellence and impact. They just don’t get recognized for their accomplishments (and often don’t get a decent paycheck, either).

Last week I needed help. It was a hot and steamy Florida morning. The truck picking up yard/tree waste suddenly arrived. I hadn’t gotten most of the tree branches I had trimmed from the back yard to the curb. I felt tired and desperate so I took a chance and asked the two men in the truck if they were able to help me.

Without hesitation they said, “Of course.” They immediately dragged the branches from the back and told me never to hesitate asking for help. This is what I mean by heroic genius!

I get a warm feeling in my heart whenever and wherever I encounter such people. I feel inspired to do more, grateful for their service, and want to honor them. They faithfully do chores I cannot do. They staff our nursing homes. They clean hospital rooms. They manicure our parks. They teach our children. They carry out charitable missions. They make professionals look good. They are examples industry and dedication. They show their genius in their attention to detail and concern to make life better for others. They strengthen my hope in humanity.

How are you at being a heroic genius each day? In what ways do the small and insignificant tasks you do add value to others’ lives? How have you learned to rescue yourself from stresses and trauma, as your own best hero? Can you recognize your genius whenever you use your empathy, instinct, knowledge, and experience to make the world a better place for everyone?  

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