I recently returned from a workshop on tantric energy given by the brilliant Ian Ellington.  I thank him as my source for this posting.  Joining 23 other men, I explored the impact our life energy has on transforming our lives.

Tantra is a group of spiritual teachings that emphasize finding enlightenment through the body by working with the body’s energies, impulses and habits.  This erotic energy has the power to heal us, particularly of childhood trauma of abuse or isolation.  It is also the energy that enables us to move into our world with intention and acceptance in order to create and transform.

The symbol shown is ancient and depicts Yin and Yang.  On one side are the Feminine Yin (black section) and the Feminine Yang (white dot).  The Yin is receptive, latent, dark and unexposed.  The Feminine Yang is exertive, chaotic and transforming.

On the other side are the Masculine Yang (white section) and the Masculine Yin (black dot).  The Yang is active, bright, and exposed.  The Masculine Yin is steadfast, resourceful and abiding energy, holding space for others.

Each of us, whether male or female, uses the four energies to varying degrees.  One may dominate; we may also switch to another in response to someone else’s energy field.  The injustice, poverty, hunger, and violence in our world is the result of the misuse and imbalance of these powerful energies within families, businesses and governments.  Alternatively, the conscious and mindful use of our erotic energy can move relationships in the direction toward creation and transformation.

Sound coaching takes into account the power of our personal energy fields and how they are being expressed through our masculine and feminine principals.  When men get in deeper touch with their masculine Yin, and women with their feminine Yang, we witness changes that bring about justice, freedom, balance, and healthier personal and professional relationships.

Due to shifts in the use of personal erotic energy, the civil rights movement, the end of apartheid in South Africa, the healing in 12 step programs, and reconciliation between people and countries can result.  Yin and Yang is not just a trite phrase; it is a powerful container for personal and global transformation.

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