Success is ultimately subjective. Yes, we’re constantly bombarded by celebrities and public figures who tell us what success OUGHT to be for us. But if we’re smart, we’ll come up with our own definition of success.

Being successful is usually pushed on us in the form of objective standards. Society and family have given you dozens of objective, concrete benchmarks for success: school grades, playing sports, video gaming, jobs, college degrees, military service, physique, beauty, careers, marriage, children, promotions…so many ways to measure success! The focus here is on WHAT you do.

Are these objective benchmarks enough? What if you defined success by your core identity?

Then the benchmarks change dramatically. You will begin looking at the spiritual center of who you are as a unique individual. You’ll target work/life balance, personal integrity, inner peace, conscious living, ethical standards, service, sacrificial love, faith in self and others, changing your world for the better. The focus will be on WHO you are.

I suggest that only after you shift from objective to subjective benchmarks for success, will you realize how successful as a person you already are. And if you feel successful as a person you are more apt to BE successful in your career and relationships.

Here are 8 questions to ask yourself if you want to feel successful:

  • In what ways am I stuck in objective benchmarks to find my success?
  • What do I need to do to shift into subjective benchmarks that come from my core?
  • Apart from God and religion, how do I view my soul, my identity?
  • What are ways that tell me that I am creative, resourceful and whole?
  • How do I define my ultimate mission or purpose in this life?
  • How can detach from illusions and outcomes that cloud feelings of success?
  • For what do I need to forgive myself and others?
  • How does being inordinately grateful bring out my success?

Being successful is not an event, but a journey through life. It’s all about bringing the good out of our challenges. Feeling successful is not an emotion, like getting an award. It is a conviction that your unique life can change the world.

Let’s discuss your road to success!