Change: the only thing on which we can rely.  It follows us wherever we go.  Respected leaders are never surprised at changes, no matter how they may upset the status quo. Leaders understand that change brings opportunity and that nobody fights most changes successfully.

Change can also bring about upheaval, which is rarely welcomed. History is strewn with changes in culture, religion, and politics that have rocked countries and civilizations. Sometimes humans have forced these changes; we’re still paying the price for genocide, slavery, persecution, injustice, and political power struggles.

Even unwelcomed change will at least teach us when “enough is enough,” when the present situation calls for a serious reevaluation.  Respected leaders will read the handwriting on the wall and make adjustment in their personal and professional lives that reflect the new reality brought about by change.  They also understand that the end of something and the birth of a new reality can bring chaos if not handled carefully.  Such holds true whenever shifts occur in careers, marital status, dependents, and so forth.

Respected leaders will also fight against unnecessary or whimsical changes that do not promise to add value to life or promote the common good. They will take into consideration opposing opinions, find areas of compromise, and seek ways to shift the landscape by careful degrees. Change can thus be regulated by effective leadership that respects the values and ethics of their constituents, be they family members or corporate staff.

When we humans feel as if we are “not enough,” not up the challenge that change presents, we often try to
“fix” the situation through tantrums, conflict, control, or bureaucratic wrangling.
  Exerting our will to fulfill our expectations only makes situations worse and shows poor leadership.  Leaders deserving of respect do not fear the natural unfolding of life and know when to surrender to the outcome. They do not wait for others to lead them by the nose and to tell them what they should believe, how to act, and where to find an instant fix.

While it is human nature to work toward our personal visions, hopes, and dreams, at some point we need to trust our intuition and the forces of the universe.  As we lead ourselves into our futures, we need to allow our life purpose to flow from our deepest realization of who we know we are.  This is a far different scenario than trying to squeeze a career, vocation, or relationship into what we think we’re supposed to be.

How is change “calling” to you to become the best version of who you are?  Can you embrace change as neither good nor bad and instead focus on your measured and thoughtful response to it?  As a respected leader, can you begin to view change as the “next, best opportunity” in life? Are you letting go of outcomes formulated by others so that you can grow into who you truly are, without fear, without regret and with consummate dignity?

© Copyright Michael Parise 2017
Portions excerpted from Michael’s book: Life Interrupted, Taking Charge After Everything Has Changed

Since 1979 Michael has worked with individuals and groups to take full advantage interruptions and changes to balance responsibilities, simplify their lives, and find greater productivity and peace.
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