Ever wish you could change who you are or what you look like? When you do this you deny the beauty and uniqueness of how others see you. You feel “not enough” or “too much” or “unacceptable.” What prompts this? Usually toxic shame that says that you are defective or not measuring up to an objective standard. What if you instead made a list of your positive qualities? Start them with “I am”. For example, “I am intelligent.” “I am able to cook (to fix a car, to garden, to compute.”  Too difficult?  Then start with the basics: “I am able to breath (to walk, to see, to hear.) All you need are three basic tools: Consciousness, Self-reflection, and Willingness to Change. We can discuss these tools and how they apply to your life anytime you wish. Just don’t wait until you discover that, after all, there has never been a person more important and perfect as you are. Parisecoaching@gmail.com www.MPariseLifeCoach.com