Every time we make a decision, we are making a choice. We take choice for granted. It’s written into our Constitution. Increasingly people all over have adopted our concept broad concept of choice. Marriages, changes in government, and selling products are increasingly based on individual choices.

Have you ever wondered where freedom of choice came from? It is a uniquely human trait that goes beyond the instinctual behavior found in the animal kingdom. We are born wired to choose and begin learning to exercise choice by the time we reach the age of seven.

Choices come in three flavors: good, bad, and neutral. Normally we strive to make good choices, especially involving our welfare or of those we love. Culturally we often make poor choices when we don’t recognize how the past has an impact on our present attitudes and beliefs. We make neutral choices daily, based in our personal tastes and preferences that don’t affect others in any significant way.

We humans are at our best when we make good choices. Good choices begin with the Spirit or Source energy (love/god/creator, universal consciousness).In many traditions the word “spirit” means both wind (air) and breath.  Dan Brulé, teacher, healer, author, and creator of Breath Therapy tells us that the breath is the only function in our bodies (aside from blinking our eyes) that is both automatic and totally controlled by our conscious mind.

We breathe in the natural energy contained in our atmosphere. It’s made up of elements that have sustained life on earth for millions of years, made up of  nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases and water vapor.

But we also breathe in the same energy locked in the atomic structure of air that created the universe. When we breathe out we share that now-transformed air with all living beings in our time and place. This is as much the action of Source energy as it is a biological function.

The in-filling by Source energy or “in-spirit-ation”, awakens the heart connection and unites us as One. It’s what makes us uniquely human and uniquely able to make good free choices, especially the choice to love unconditionally, the singular characteristic of Source energy.

Breathing consciously opens us to new insights and opportunities. We suddenly become “possibility thinkers” and get off the rigid tracks that we or others have laid out for us to follow. Good choices expand. The past fades away. The future is suddenly irrelevant. We are immersed in the great “now” to live fully as we are, choosing simply to “be.”

We learn to detach from pipedreams and hoped-for future realities. We also detach from past regrets and reliving the way things “could have been.” Choosing to receive the breath of Source energy opens our own spirit to call on such resources as authenticity, empathy, intuition, vulnerability, courage, strength, decisiveness, curiosity, and actions that shift us toward clearer, more transcendent, goals and outcomes.

It’s our choice is to be in-spired or to live life at a low level of consciousness, simply reacting to events, rather than responding. It’s difficult, but we MUST release personal control of our universe to the Source energy that is God, with whom we are in perfect unity.

Yet the tug-of-war within us will remain. We will be tempted to exert our will, our ego, as a substitute for a spirit-led freedom of choice. We go it alone at our peril. We need open our spiritual core like a sponge to absorb unexpected information and counsel: from wise, kindred spirits, informed counselors, and proven friends.

Growth in universal consciousness through the breathing in and out of Source energy is the only means by which we adequately address our world’s concerns. The challenge is to drop our defensiveness, judgments, injustices, fears of others, need for power and control, stereotypes, and misuse of our human and planetary environments.

Dare to breathe. Dare to be in-spired.

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