Twenty percent of the population is Highly Sensitive.  This means having certain characteristics that more robust people often do not acknowledge or understand.  Highly Sensitive persons need to understand and accept themselves in very specific ways in order to find happiness and success in relationships.

In this 1 hour workshop Michael Parise will introduce men in particular to tools that help them identify as Highly Sensitive and ways to approach life in a more fulfilling and helpful way.

Ladies, we’ll have a session just for you later.  Pass this on to the men you love!

Date and Time: Wednesday, March 20, 6:30-7:30 pm.

Location:  Malden, Ma.

Exact location given upon registration by email at

Cost:  Only $10 per man in a comfortable, confidential atmosphere. 

Participation:  Limited to 10.

Reservations: Up to 48 hours before the event.  Invite a friend!  All are welcome!