IMG_9307[1] (2)I exist to help others, to answer questions, to clear up confusion, and to identify the paths we’re on; it’s the way I’m wired.  It energizes me and offers me an opportunity to share my wisdom and experience.  In light of that I’ve added a QUESTION BOX to my home page at   Ask your question, discuss your issue, and receive a non-judgmental, intelligent, and compassionate reply from me.  Perhaps it would be a good way for you to clear the decks in your life in order to move on…and it’s free to anyone.

Are you wondering what you’d bring to the table?  Here are some prompts that might help you get started:

*  What particularly masculine issues are not being addressed in your life?
*  How has your highly sensitive nature affected the choices you make?
* How do you deal with conflict and what do you do with the feelings that accompany it?
* What spiritual issues or questions about faith or religion have you been reluctant to ask anyone?
* Let’s discuss how change makes your life better or worse.
* How is your attitude about your sexual life evolving?
* What do you do with your anger, resentment, or fear?
* How is your body affected by change?

So check it out.  See if it’s a good fit.  And even though you may not need it now, make a mental note that it’s there for you at any time!