informal_homeWhat is your deepest desire?  If there were no limits at all placed on achieving what you really want in your life, what would it be?  Sensing that we do not deserve or cannot achieve our deepest desires is self-defeating.  We were not meant to dream in vain.  The seemingly impossible in our lives appears that way only because of the perspective we embrace.  The same is true of the possible, of the wonderful and good dreams we have.  We need to embrace the perspective that will lead to the fulfillment of those dreams, the perspective of success.

I have found in my working with men for the past three decades that most men flow through life with wildly wonderful hopes and dreams that they believe can be fulfilled.  That is, until they reach around their late forties.  With mid-life comes the realization that all success does not come in their early years.  They begin to moan within: I can’t get to where I want to be; there’s not enough time, money, or opportunity. 

Are you at the point of wondering if your dreams will ever come true?  Do you feel as if you’ve peaked in your career and have hit a roadblock?  Are you worried constantly about losing your job and having to reeducate yourself?  Have workplace politics trumped your talents in favor of the boss’s cronies?  Are younger colleagues with the latest and greatest designer certifications leap-frogging over you, despite your seniority, proven experience, and long-term loyalty?  Join the club!

Maybe even home life is colorless and moribund.  Has sex become a chore and much less frequent?  Perhaps your children are dealing with adolescent struggles, there’s never enough money for activities and debt repayment, and you finally realize that you’ve been living way beyond your means for the past twenty years.  I should have watched Suze Orman!

The deepest desires of your hearts have not disappeared.   They just need your cooperation and help in emerging once again.  They need to be ratified by a new perspective, YOUR new perspective.  It is possible, like the flawless reweaving of a precious but tattered tapestry, to find the loose ends and to re-weave your dreams back into your daily life.  You can match the color and texture of your present experience and work to restore the picture of who you truly are today.  Thread by thread, your deepest desires will emerge once again as a bright hue of hope, contrasted with the dull background of past disappointments.

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