Despite the grave difficulties we are experiencing due to Covid-19, there may be a silver lining for our world. The “stop-doing-everything” and “social-distancing” is indeed frustrating and depressing. 

It is particularly affecting people who are on the extrovert portion of the scale. They get their energy and joy from being with others, from conversation, activities, meetings, and social gatherings. I suspect those who are closer to the introvert scale, as I am, may not be as effected by social distancing, since we get our energy from being reflectively alone.

 No matter, all of us can observe what’s been going on in societies across the world. Everyone (except those many who suffer from war and poverty) seems hell-bent on rushing to the next shiny event, lest they lose out. Remember when films stayed in theatres for more than a few days? Recall when there was much less heart-thumping background music on television programming and ads? Traffic snarls, one-day sales, massive road races, art shows, and sports competitions keep reminding us that “something really important” is going on and we can’t miss it!  We’re afraid of missing out and are willing to stress out in the name of fun.

Imagine if in this present moment we can enjoy the relative quiet and the space between activities. Perhaps we humans are being called to greater contemplation and more meaningful action.

What seems to be emerging that is of greater value to you? Maybe Covid-19 is giving us a chance to reboot your inner life.  Tall me about it.