GrapplingDuring the past year I’ve been working with a personal trainer to build up my physical stamina, breathing, and strength.  I’ve learned a LOT from him, various exercises that I can do that are actually fun and rewarding.  I’m also happy that as a total non-jock he’s been gentle yet challenging, keeping up my attitude as well as my program.  I’m pleased with the results so far.  I look much younger than my age and feel more vital than in the past thirty years.  I do admit to middle-aged aches and pains and wish my joints were a bit stronger and more flexible, but I am determined not to rot from the inside out, as I see so many American are doing in this moment.

I began thinking that my program ought to be transferred to the Spirit.  If we don’t nourish and exercise our Spirits, they wither and cannot support us in our daily challenges.  Life Coaching is very much involved as a spiritual work.  The issues that life coaching addresses are precisely the same as those addressed in spiritual direction and twelve step recovery programs.  The difference is that we can see results more quickly when effective coaching techniques are used and a real alliance based in honesty develops between coach and client.

In light of this I am announcing:


 * If your Spirit is trapped in your past;
* If you feed others before you feed your Spirit;
* If you desire relationships that will build up your Spirit;
* If you want to be fully alive…Then Fitness Training for Your Spirit is for you! 

I will lead you on a training course to give rebirth to a rejuvenated Spirit.  Your Spirit, like your body, needs proper nourishment, exercise, and emotional care in order to keep fit as you navigate through life.   Together we will design a Spirit Training Program just for you!

Your Program will include:

* Nutrition to sustain your Spirit through all kinds of stress.
* Exercise that will breathe new life into your Spirit.

* Searching out inner critics that imprison your Spirit.
* Changing perspectives to build your spiritual stamina.
* Creating support systems for your Spirit that really work.
* Flushing out poisonous relationships and building healthy ones.

I am proud to offer this opportunity first to my readers at a 20% discount for the first three months just for you.  Simply mention “Harry” when you contact me.  See what the results are and go from there!

Contact me at or 781-333-8796informal_home

(Original artwork by Michael Parise)